Ørsted boss reinforces Taiwan ties

ØrstedØrsted’s CEO Henrik Poulsen visited Taiwan on the 9th of May to demonstrate the company’s commitment to Taiwanese market and support for energy transition in Taiwan.

Ørsted’s Chief Executive Officer Henrik Poulsen said, “As Taiwanese government established an ambitious 20% renewables target by 2025, offshore wind will play a significant role in contributing to Taiwan’s green future. As the world’s leading renewable solution provider, Ørsted is committed to build offshore wind farms off the Changhua coast on time to support the transition to clean energy in Taiwan.”    

During his visit, Henrik Poulsen will meet central and local authorities and media, sharing the company’s aim to work with Taiwan and transfer knowledge in renewable energy to local research institutes, universities, and business partners through projects like energy storage. Ørsted also announced it will introduce the dual-Doppler radar system in Taiwan to monitor potential impacts of typhoons on offshore wind farms.

Ørsted announced its Final Investment Decision for the Formosa 1 Phase 2 with the construction taking place in 2019. The company has also secured 900MW capacity during the Feed-in-Tariff grid allocation process and will join the coming auction in June to seek more capacity for constructing large-scale offshore wind farms in Changhua.

Henrik Poulsen added, “One of key successes to any energy solutions is to integrate with the local society through energy supply, storage, and consumption. We will make sure the Greater Changhua projects to become a key driver to local development, economic growth, and job creation. Through working closely with stakeholders in Taiwan, Ørsted will develop, build, operate world-class offshore wind farms in Changhua in the next 25 to 30 years.”

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