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Ørsted, Cadeler sign offshore wind long-term agreement

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 09/04/2024 Cadeler

Ørsted, a global leader in offshore wind, and Cadeler, a leading provider of wind turbine installation vessels, have inked a firm long-term lease agreement for a state-of-the-art Wind Farm Installation Vessel. This landmark agreement ensures Ørsted's access to crucial installation vessel capacity from Q1 2027 through the end of 2030, vital for upcoming construction projects.

The agreement solidifies Ørsted as the primary client in Cadeler's announcement dated October 12, 2022. Central to this partnership is the booking of a cutting-edge A-Class vessel from Cadeler. These vessels boast a hybrid design capable of transporting and installing both foundations and turbines, maximising project efficiency.

Patrick Harnett, Chief Operating Officer at Ørsted, emphasised the strategic significance of securing long-term partnerships, stating, "Our collaboration with Cadeler underscores Ørsted's commitment to building enduring relationships with key suppliers, crucial for managing risks and ensuring the successful execution of our offshore wind construction program well into the future."

Mikkel Gleerup, CEO of Cadeler, echoed this sentiment, highlighting their dedication to providing partners like Ørsted with unrivalled fleet flexibility and supply certainty, essential for timely and budget-conscious project delivery.

Key Highlights of the Agreement:

The agreement extends from the beginning of 2027 to the end of 2030.

Cadeler's innovative A-Class vessel offers versatile capabilities, facilitating both XXL monopile foundation and 20+ MW wind turbine transportation and installation.

This long-term partnership underscores Ørsted and Cadeler's shared commitment to driving the offshore wind industry forward, ensuring the successful realization of crucial renewable energy projects.

As offshore wind farm projects continue to grow in scale and complexity, partnerships like Ørsted and Cadeler's play a pivotal role in mitigating risks and ensuring the seamless execution of vital renewable energy initiatives.

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