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16MW turbine rolls off the assembly line in China

4C Offshore | Laurence Bonning-Schmit
By: Laurence Bonning-Schmit 24/11/2022 中国环境APP

The world’s largest ever single-unit capacity turbine jointly produced by China Three Gorges and Goldwind rolled off of the production line in Fujian province today (23 November 2022). Not only is it the largest turbine in capacity in the world, but also in diameter of the blades, and the lightest turbines per MW ever produced.

The turbine is rated at 16MW of capacity, a blade diameter of 252m, a swept area of 50,000 square meters, and a hub  height of 146m. A little more than a month ago, a 13.6MW turbine completed its assembly in China Three Gorges’ Fujian industrial park, which at the time had the largest blade diameter of any turbine in production.

This is not the first turbine model with a rating of 16MW in China. Mingyang, another turbine manufacturer in the Chinese market, have produced a 16.6MW turbine with a blade diameter of 242m previously, 10m shy of the new China Three Gorges and Goldwind model.

Continuing the trend of rapid development of the industry and production capabilities in China with the installed capacity expected to hit 30GW by the end of this year, 2022.

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