1GW ElecLink Received Major Approval from IGC

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The Channel Tunnel Safety Authority, Intergovernmental Commission (IGC), has agreed to the ElecLink cable pull through the Tunnel. This new development will allow the completion of the construction phase of the proposed HVDC interconnector, and completion of converter stations in Folkestone and Peuplingues, now connected to the National Grid and RTE networks respectively.

The decision follows the authorisation obtained in October 2020 to carry out connection tests between the converter stations and the high voltage national networks.

The cable installation is scheduled to commence in February 2021, and will be finished in summer 2021. The cable pull will take place during scheduled maintenance nights in the north rail tunnel.

‘This decision is the result of in-depth and rigorous work by our teams, who produced extremely detailed safety studies, as well as the excellent quality of dialogue and the trust established with the IGC and its committees. ElecLink will contribute to the robustness of European supply and to the energy transition: our shareholders, our state regulators and all of our partners look to the future with each step forward in the project,’
Yann Leriche, Getlink’s Chief Executive Officer, commented.

The 65 km long
ElecLink will connect France and UK electricity systems  through the Channel Tunnel. There will be no lay and burial of the link. The cable will be laid by a specially commissioned train.

The proposed
320 kV link is scheduled for commissioning in mid-2022.

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