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ABL supports construction of 'energy island'

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 30/11/2023 ABL Group

ABL has secured a contract to provide marine warranty survey services for the development of the Modular Offshore Grid 2 (MOG2) energy island project in the Belgian sector of the North Sea.

The contract, granted by
Elia Group, signifies ABL's role in ensuring the success of the offshore transportation and installation operations tied to the MOG2 project.

MOG2 aims to fortify offshore grid infrastructure, linking the 3.5 GW Princess Elizabeth zone's new wind farms to Belgium's national grid through an energy hub situated on an artificial island. This initiative is poised to optimize the cost efficiency of renewable energy production in the North Sea by establishing a new connection point for hybrid interconnectors.

Hugues Delanoue, Managing Director of ABL France, expressed enthusiasm about the significance of the MOG2 project for Belgium, citing its potential to enhance energy distribution and efficiency from the burgeoning renewable sources in the North Sea.

ABL's responsibilities encompass comprehensive scrutiny of procedural documentation, rigorous vessel inspections to evaluate the suitability of the proposed fleet for transportation and installation (T&I) operations, and on-site supervision to ensure operational alignment with approved procedures. This mandate covers T&I operations for the energy island, including the concrete caisson foundation and port, HVAC and HVDC modules, and export cables.

Delanoue emphasized ABL's adeptness in similar interconnector projects and offshore wind T&I in the Belgian region, emphasizing the company's capability to support the MOG2 project effectively. Pierre-Yves Guillermin, Elia Package Manager for Princess Elisabeth Island, lauded the collaboration with ABL, acknowledging the team's expertise in marine warranty surveying across subsea cables and renewable energy infrastructure T&I, essential for enhancing safety, efficiency, and project optimization.

Belgium, aligning with EU ambitions, aims to augment joint offshore wind capacity to 120 GW by 2030 and 300 GW by 2050. The Princess Elisabeth wind farm zone, upon completion, will escalate Belgium's installed offshore wind capacity from 2.26 GW to 5.8 GW by 2030.

Managed by ABL's French division, leveraging expertise from the wider ABL Group, the project, undisclosed in value, is projected to continue until 2030.

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