ASKO Fornybar AS joins offshore wind consortium

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ASKO RENEWABLE, part of NorgesGruppen, has announced that it has entered into a development agreement with a group led by Norseman Wind AS to develop an offshore wind farm in Norwegian waters.

The concrete offshore wind project has the potential to produce 1,400 MW. ASKO Fornybar's share of the project will be an estimated 400 MW. The offshore wind turbines will be part of the Southern North Sea II area which features water shallow enough to build turbines on grounded foundations.

ASKO Fornybar's plan under the agreement is to support NorgesGruppen's goal is to become self-sufficient in clean energy. ASKO has so far invested heavily in solar cells, hydrogen production and wind power.

"Our first priority is to get enough clean energy to replace the entire NorgesGruppen consumption, says chairman of the board of ASKO Torbjørn Johannson. We hope to find that energy in Norway, so that value creation takes place here",
said  Runar Hollevik, CEO of NorgesGruppen
. "NorgesGruppen's ambition is to become climate neutral in its own business. Production of clean energy is necessary to achieve our goals".

The Norseman Wind AS consortium includes several other large companies, although their identities remain undisclosed.

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