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Cape Vibro lifting technology sets new standards

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 13/02/2024 Cape Holland

Cape Vibro Lifting Technology (CVLT), an innovator in offshore construction solutions, proudly announces an achievement in the realm of XXL monopile installation. The CAPE VLT-640 Triple has undergone a rigorous load testing process, successfully completing the lifting appliance certification under Lloyd’s Register Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment (CLAME).

The CAPE VLT-640 Triple demonstrated exceptional strength and reliability during the test, withstanding a formidable load of 3,245 tons. This certification establishes its Safe Working Load (SWL) for lifting piles up to an impressive 2,400 tons.

Designed to redefine the future of offshore wind energy infrastructure, CAPE Vibro Lifting Technology will deploy the CAPE VLT-640 Triple for the upending and secure installation of monopiles for the Moray West offshore wind turbine and offshore substation platform foundations. Following the initial installation, the piles will undergo the final penetration phase using an impact hammer.

Key features of the monopiles include a top diameter of 7.5 metres, a bottom diameter of up to 10 metres, lengths reaching up to 93 metres, and an impressive weight of nearly 2,000 tons. This technology sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring efficiency and reliability in the installation of offshore wind structures.

CAPE Vibro Lifting Technology continues to lead the way in advancing offshore construction capabilities, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable and efficient solutions for the renewable energy sector.

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