Chinese turbine manufacturer inks MoU with UK government

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 17/12/2021 MYSE

MingYang Smart Energy (MingYang) and the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) have announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for an investment by MingYang into the UK’s offshore wind sector.

Qiying Zhang, President and CTO of MingYang, and John Edwards, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner to China of DIT, jointly signed the MoU online today (17 December  2021).

The agreement will focus on MingYang investing in a blade manufacturing factory, a service centre and conceivably a turbine assembly factory in the UK. Following this MoU, both parties will work together to complete a final investment agreement for the factories once all pre-conditions are fulfilled.

Furthermore, MingYang and DIT aim to collaborate on exploring other market entry options in the UK, including wind turbine testing, offshore wind demonstration projects and pre-commercial wind farms.

Zhang Chuanwei, Chairman of MingYang Smart Energy, said: “Both the UK and China have seen unprecedented development in the offshore wind sector over the past five years, and will foresee more market opportunities in terms of business model and technology innovations. The agreement we are signing today marks a significant milestone in the two nations' deep cooperation in the industry, and also a solid step forward for MingYang to leverage its domestic offshore wind experience on these opportunities to create win-win results in the UK.”

John Edwards, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner to China of DIT, said: “MingYang’s intention to make the UK their European base could be a game-changer, both for MingYang and for the UK’s energy industry. If successful, this investment will create the UK’s first wind turbine assembly factory. That means that more of the offshore wind energy we use in the UK would be made in the UK, creating more green jobs in one of our most exciting industries. We look forward to welcoming MingYang into the UK’s offshore wind industry.”