CMIC and KenzFigee sign strategic cooperation agreement

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 22/06/2022 CMIC 

CMIC Ocean En-Tech Holdings Co Ltd (CMIC) signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement (Strategic Agreement) with a Dutch supplier of on- & offshore lifting solutions, KenzFigee. The Strategic Agreement includes the intention to share technology for offshore renewable energy projects.

CMIC Ocean En-tech is a technology company providing complete engineering, manufacturing and integrated solutions to customers in both onshore and offshore oil and gas, offshore wind and hydrogen sectors.  CMIC said the agreement aligns with its intention to further expand its business as a reputable supplier of equipment for the renewable energy market in China, such as gangways and installation cranes.

"The signing of the Strategic Agreement brings together the strengths of both companies to provide complementary factors of specialised technology, manufacturing capabilities, and project financing to fill an opportune supply gap,"
said Mr. Jiang Binghua, CEO of CMIC. He added: "It will also effectively support the high growth we will achieve in our renewable energy business. The rich experience KenzFigee brings with its past operations and maintenance services in the North Sea and Southeast Asia will add significant value to the markets in China and the East Asian region."

KenzFigee has a specialised engineering and service team offering crane and equipment services worldwide, supporting clients from equipment selection to product design, production, assembly, testing, installation, commissioning, as well as after-sales service and maintenance.

The CEO of KenzFigee, Mr Maikel Takken also commented: "We are excited to work with CMIC through this strategic cooperation agreement and contribute to the rapidly changing market and shift towards Offshore Renewable which brings together a wealth of experience to promote several highly engineered and sophisticated products. We are very much looking forward to bringing this plan to full realization."