Deep Wind Offshore and East West Power join forces in South-Korea

Norwegian offshore wind developer Deep Wind Offshore (DWO) and Korea’s state-owned power company East West Power (EWP) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on four projects totalling more than 4GW of floating and bottom fixed offshore wind in South Korea.
"Participating in the offshore wind energy sector is the global trend and essential element for the sustainable growth of EWP. Most of all, Korea has a great infrastructure to support the offshore wind project, such as shipbuilding, steel industry etc and this outstanding technology will make the project more stable and feasible. We will collaborate together with Deep Wind Offshore for the promotion of domestic wind power growth and industrial base and an opportunity for win-win development with local society," said Mr. Young-Moon Kim, CEO of EWP

"We are extremely excited to collaborate with EWP on these projects. The complementary capabilities of our companies create a solid foundation for successfully developing the projects to benefit the energy transition in Korea and provide opportunities for the national supply chain and local communities," said CEO Knut Vassbotn in Deep Wind Offshore.