Diverse Marine & High Speed Transfers announce build of two further CTV’s

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 21/06/2022 Diverse Marine

Diverse Marine and High Speed Transfers announced signing of contracts for two further hybrid propulsion Chartwell Marine Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs). It follows the delivery of ‘HST Ella’ last summer.

These two new vessels, to be named ‘HST Frances’ and ‘HST Millie’ are developed sisters of ‘HST Ella’ that incorporate subtle changes following the operation of the vessel on multiple European projects over the last few months.

The catamaran’s hybrid propulsion system incorporates an electric motor alongside a diesel engine, which drives a changeable pitch propeller (CPP) system. At low speeds, such as port departure and arrival or whilst loitering in the wind farm zone, this is designed to allow for silent, zero emissions operation enabling the vessel to comply with port air quality requirements.

Ben Colman, Director of Diverse Marine said: “The maritime supply chain in the UK has had many challenges over the last few years but it continues to demonstrate that the UK is leading the way with innovations that will define the way vessels are built and operated worldwide. We are very proud of ‘HST Ella’, its innovation, its world class quality and the benefits and opportunities the craft provided us, our local Isle of Wight supply chain and how it demonstrated the very best of UK Shipbuilding capabilities. ‘HST Frances’ and ‘HST Millie’ further demonstrate the collaborative working of successful operator, builder and designer to produce environmentally friendly vessels and I am very proud of Diverse Marine’s relationship with HST and Chartwell as we deliver these vessels and the next generation of vessels that follow.”

Tom Nevin, Chief Executive Officer, HST added: “HST Ella was successfully delivered by Diverse Marine last year and she has proven to be highly capable with the hybrid system exceeding our targets of reducing emissions and fuel consumption. We are very pleased to be working with both Diverse Marine and Chartwell Marine to deliver these two new vessels while we continue to work with the same team to define our next generation vessels.”

Andy Page, Managing Director, Chartwell Marine added: “We are excited to be working with HST and Diverse Marine again to deliver these innovative hybrid CTV’s to market. As the drive towards greener operations gains momentum it is important that we tackle the emissions challenge head on, without losing sight of the key attributes that define effective offshore wind vessel support.”