Eneco inks Haliade-X power agreement

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Eneco, Future Wind (a Joint Venture between Pondera Development and SIF Holding Netherlands), and GE Renewable Energy (GE) have signed an agreement under which Eneco will purchase all of the electricity generated by GE's Haliade-X 12 MW prototype turbine.  

The prototype was recently installed at the port of Maasvlakte-Rotterdam in the Netherlands and according to GE, set a new world record this past weekend by being the first wind turbine ever to generate 262 MWh of clean energy in 24 hours. GE stated that this was enough energy to power 30,000 households in the region.

Haliade-X features 107m long blades which have been designed by LM Wind Power. GE claims that the new model has a gross capacity factor of 63% and will be able to generate up to 67 GWh in gross annual energy. It estimates that each turbine could power 16,000 European households and save 24 million tons of carbon dioxide. GE plans to commercialise the model by the end of 2021.

Over the next five-year period, the Haliade-X prototype will undergo a series of tests with the aim of validating its power curve, loads, grid performance and reliability. The tests will also allow GE to validate operational procedures for installation and services teams and obtain a Type Certificate for the Haliade-X in 2020.

Frans van de Noort, COO of Eneco said: "We are very proud of our cooperation with Future Wind and GE Renewable Energy, as it enables Eneco to purchase the green power produced by the Haliade-X prototype and to get hands on experience with this innovative and powerful new turbine that represents the future of offshore wind energy."

Diederik de Bruin, Project Manager at Future Wind said: "We are glad to be able to collaborate with GE Renewable Energy and having the world's first 12 MW wind turbine installed at our SiF site in Rotterdam. We believe this milestone is relevant not only for the global offshore wind industry, but also proves how Dutch companies (such as SiF and Pondera) are engaged with the development of renewable energy."

John Lavelle, CEO of Offshore Wind at GE Renewable Energy, said: "Along with the industry's compelling value proposition, technology innovation is a key driver of the offshore wind market. Because it is the most powerful machine in the industry, the Haliade-X allows our customers to drive down the cost of wind energy and speed the adoption of clean, renewable energy. The testing that the prototype will undergo is one part of a multi-faceted testing process that will enable us to commercialize the Haliade-X by 2021, just in time for the strong growth uptick we are seeing in offshore wind worldwide."

Haliade-X 12 MW turbine has been selected for deployment on a number of projects in both the UK and the USA. Subject to final agreed and signed contract and all required project approvals, Ørsted will deploy Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbines on the two offshore wind farms constituting Ørsted’s Mid-Atlantic cluster. This includes the 120 MW Skipjack project off the coast of Maryland and the 1,100 MW Ocean Wind project off New Jersey.

SSE Renewables recently announced plans to deploy the Haliade-X turbine on three projects off the east coast of England,
Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A and Dogger Bank Creyke Beck B.

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