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Estonia reviews ten applicants for three new offshore wind sites

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 03/04/2024 Republic of Estonia
Three offshore wind turbines
1 April was the deadline for submitting competing applications for the construction of offshore wind farms in the Saare 2.1, Saare 2.2 and Saare 3 areas. Three developers are in competition for the Saare 2.1 and Saare 2.2 areas, and four for the Saare 3 area.

Estonia Offshore Wind DevCo OÜ, Deep Wind Offshore AS and OÜ Utilitas Wind submitted their competing application for the Saare 2.1, Saare 2.2 and Saare 3 areas. Sunly Wind OÜ, a first-time applicant, is also in competition for the Saare 3 area.

The CPTRA verifies the compliance of all submitted competing applications with the provisions of the Building Code and then refers them to the relevant state authorities for an opinion. After receiving feedback from state authorities, the CPTRA evaluates competing applications by the guidelines outlined in the law. An auction is held with applications that meet the requirements 60 days after the results of the assessment of applications have been confirmed. The auctions for Saare 2.1, Saare 2.2 and Saare 3 should occur in June 2024.

The starting price of an auction for encumbering a public water body with a wind power plant is 15,000 euros per square kilometre. The size of the Saare 2.1 area is approximately 163.8 km² and the starting price for this area is €2,457,000, the size of the Saare 2.2 area is approximately 88.5 km² and its starting price is approximate €1,327,500, and the size of the Saare 3 area is 20.1 km² and its starting price is €301,500.

The winner of the auction is the participant who made the highest bid and paid that amount, then proceedings for a superficies licence and environmental impact assessment will commence no later than within 90 days from the announcement of the winner of the auction.

After the commencement of the proceedings, the applicant together with the expert group will prepare an environmental impact assessment programme, followed by the preparation of studies and an environmental impact assessment report. The licence proceedings end with the CPTRA’s decision on granting a superficies licence.

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