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EuroAsia Interconnector tenders exceed EUR 3bn

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 04/07/2019 Euro
EuroAsia Interconnector Limited has issued the Invitations to Tender (ITT) for its 2000 MW EuroAsia Interconnector which aims connect Cyprus, Crete and Attica in Greece, and Israel with the rest of Europe. The tenders cover converter stations and three cable links between the aforementioned nations. The combined value of the tenders is over EUR 3bn.

The first tender, valued at EUR 1.020bn covers the design, manufacture, testing, supply, installation and commissioning of EuroAsia Interconnector's High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) converter stations and four sea-electrodes including the submarine cables that are needed to connect them together. One Converter and one sea-electrode will be installed in each location, namely Attica, Crete, Cyprus and Israel.

The remaining tenders cover the design, manufacture, testing, supply and installation of the HVDC submarine and land cables for various sections of the link which combined totals around 1,500 km of cable. The first cable tender covers "Link 1" of the project between Israel and Cyprus. The distance between the landing points of both countries is approximately 310 km and the cable will be laid at a maximum water depth of 2,200 m. This tender is valued at EUR 440m.

The second cable tender covers "Link 2" between Cyprus and Crete which is valued at EUR 1.270 bn.

The distance between the landing points of Cyprus and Crete is approximately 895 km, and the cable will be laid at a maximum water depth of 2,960 m.

The final cable tender covers HVDC submarine cables and land cables for Link 3 between Crete and Attica. The distance between the landing points of Crete and Attica is approximately 336 km, and the cable will be laid at a maximum water depth of 1200 m.

The project aims to end Cyprus' energy isolation (Cyprus being the last isolated European Union member state) and that of Greece’s largest island – Crete. It is expected to ensure security of supply, while creating an alternative electricity corridor to connect the East Mediterranean to Europe.

As an EU project of common interest (PCI), is eligible to receive grants of up to 50% of the total construction cost (including the Crete-Attica link) from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and additional facilities from the EIB and other EU institutions. The report outlines the European Commission’s backing to the project, EuroAsia Interconnector, noting that despite the uncertainty created by the new "national" competitive project by ADMIE, the “overall project” EuroAsia Interconnector “remains on the list of Projects of Common Interest.”

The ITT packages were prepared by the Project Developer and its consultants, Elia Grid International (EGI), a subsidiary of Elia Group, one of the leading groups of Transmission System Operators in Europe, which acts as Strategic Consultant to the Project Developer, Teshmont Consultants LP which specialises in hight voltage direct current power transmission systems.Clifford Chance LLP is the legal advisor for the project.

Priority in the order of construction of the interconnection will be given to the Crete-Attica Link, with the Cyprus-Crete Link to follow. The developers behind the EuroAsia Interconnector stated that it remains committed to the timely implementation of the project, as submitted to the European Commission, with the Crete-Attica interconnector to be commissioned in 2022 and the Crete-Cyprus section following in 2023.

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