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FibreMax and Entrion Wind: partnership expanding depths of renewable energy

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 31/08/2023 Practica Productions

FibreMax from Joure, the Netherlands, announced that the producer of the strongest cable in the world, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Entrion Wind from Houston, USA.

This collaborative venture aims to propel offshore wind energy into deeper waters—literally. And will focus on combining FibreMax's specialized fibre tendon technology with Entrion Wind's innovative FRP (Fully Restrained Platform) Wind Foundation monopile design.
The FRP monopile design accommodates mooring solutions based on chain, spiral strand wire, and high strength fiber tendons.

The common goal is to extend the operating depth of established monopile industries up to 100 meters. By doing so, we aim to make wind energy more accessible and cost-effective than ever.

Under the MoU, both companies will jointly work on qualifying FibreMax’s high-strength fibre tendons for the FRP design. The partners will also be developing site-specific offerings for various FRP mooring configurations. Should the technology successfully commercialize, FibreMax is poised to establish additional satellite fabrication facilities to meet local content needs.

"FibreMax is thrilled about the of the collaboration with Entrion Wind to introduce the innovative FRP technology. This FRP technology may extend the operating depth and improve the economics and supply chain of monopiles from 50 to 100 meters," says Sander van Helvoort, Director of Renewable Energy at FibreMax.

"Entrion Wind is very pleased to welcome FibreMax as a strategic partner for mooring supply for the FRP monopile technology. FibreMax’s expertise, history, focus and strategy as a pioneer and a leading international fabricator of fibre cables makes the company a preferred strategic partner for Entrion Wind,” adds Tomas Fertig, Vice President of Business Development.

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