Gram & Juhl aim to control 90 percent of the market

MHI VestasMHI Vestas Offshore Wind has placed an order with Gram & Juhl A/S for 193 TCM systems to be installed on V164 turbines in Europe. According to MHI Vestas, the V164 turbine platform produces renewable energy more efficiently than any other wind turbine in history.

Gram & Juhl A/S is a CMS supplier worldwide with their TCM system installed in more than 80% of all offshore turbines worldwide.

Gram & Juhl A/S have been supplying TCM for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) for more than 20 years, and all Siemens turbines around the world are born with TCM. Now with the announcement of the new order from MHI Vestas Gram & Juhl A/S expect to supply more than 90% of the offshore market in the future.

“It is with great pride we announce that Gram & Juhl once again has been chosen as a preferred partner by an OEM.” said CEO Axel Juhl, and continues: “It demonstrates the confidence the customers have in our technology and our company”.

With the agreement of the new cooperation, Gram & Juhl will supply MHI Vestas Offshore Wind a complete TCM solution including the TCM Monitoring Service for 193 V164 turbines.

“The contract for the 193 systems is only the beginning of what I believe will become a superb cooperation between Gram & Juhl A/S and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.” said Axel Juhl, CEO at Gram & Juhl.

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