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Hellenic Cables signs contract with Energinet

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 23/11/2023 Hellenic Cables

Hellenic Cables, the cables segment of Cenergy Holdings, has signed a new contract with Energinet. This marks a significant step towards strengthening energy networks through the supply, installation, testing and termination of a cutting-edge 400kV interconnection cable system.

Under the contract, Hellenic Cables will be responsible for the supply of the cable system, the supervision of installation and testing, the jointing and termination works of a the 400kV interconnection between Denmark and Sweden. Hellenic Cables will design, manufacture, and deliver 30km of submarine and 12km of underground 400kV single-core cables, reinforcing the backbone of the cross-border energy connectivity.

The contract includes the production of extra high-voltage 400kV AC single-core submarine cables and 400kV AC single-core underground cables, which will be produced at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Greece. More specifically, Hellenic Cables will produce the submarine cables at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Corinth and the underground cables at the company’s specialized land cable factory in Thiva. The production is scheduled to commence in 2023, with delivery expected in the first half 2024.

Konstantinos Savvakis, General Manager at Hellenic Cables, stated: “In 2017, Hellenic Cables achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of the Oresund 132kV interconnection, a project that seamlessly linked Sweden and Denmark through the deployment of high-voltage submarine and land cables. We are pleased to continue our partnership with Energinet as we endeavor to connect Sweden and Denmark once again through high-voltage cables. This collaboration reaffirms the trust of our customers in our advanced cable solutions and our commitment to fostering efficient and sustainable energy connectivity between nations.”

Daniel Johan Brøndum, Senior Project Manager for Cables, Energinet, highlighted: “We are pleased to have signed this cable contract and that production has already started. We look forward to good cooperation on the project, which is a very important milestone for the security of electric power supply in Zealand.”

Energinet, in cooperation with Swedish Kraftnät, owns and operates the four Øresund connections connecting Zealand and southern Sweden in the form of two 400kV interconnections and two 132kV interconnections. The Øresund links contribute to maintaining a high security of electric power supply, especially for Zealand.

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