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Industry leaders forge path for new growth plan

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 24/11/2023 Renewable UK

RenewableUK, in collaboration with the Offshore Wind Industry Council, The Crown Estate, and Crown Estate Scotland, has unveiled plans for a transformative Industrial Growth Plan (IGP) aimed at fortifying the UK's offshore wind sector's long-term growth. The consortium has engaged KPMG to provide essential support in crafting this pivotal strategy.

The genesis of an Industrial Growth Plan was a pivotal recommendation in the final report presented to the Government by Offshore Wind Champion Tim Pick. Emphasizing the need for a comprehensive strategic assessment to position British industry advantageously within the global surge in offshore wind, the report urged a meticulous analysis of the UK's strengths, fostering a robust strategy to harness opportunities and drive domestic projects.

Recognizing the pivotal role of a well-structured plan in meeting offshore wind and energy security targets, industry stakeholders stress its paramount importance in maximizing job creation, economic growth, and advancing the net-zero agenda.

This plan builds upon the recent Supply Chain Capability Analysis, which identified a staggering £92 billion potential for the UK. The IGP aims to further expand on these insights, delineating key priorities and programs to bolster the UK's competitive edge in a burgeoning global market. It seeks to foster innovation, leveraging existing capabilities while addressing supply gaps that pose a risk to domestic objectives.

This strategic blueprint will guide future investments, crucial as the UK endeavors to bolster its clean energy supply chain amidst escalating global competition. Anticipated for release in early 2024, the final IGP is poised to redefine the landscape of offshore wind development in the UK.

RenewableUK CEO Dan McGrail commented, "The Industrial Growth Plan marks a timely and strategic initiative to define the UK's unique value proposition in a fiercely competitive global landscape. It outlines strategies to maximize value across the lifecycle, steering investments toward critical areas for economic growth and energy security."

Gillian Morrison, Supply Chain Development Manager at Crown Estate Scotland, highlighted Scotland's pivotal role in fortifying the UK's offshore wind supply chain, emphasizing the project's potential to identify impactful long-term investments.

Will Apps, Head of Marine Development at The Crown Estate, emphasized the transformative potential of offshore wind, underlining the IGP's role in driving investment, economic growth, and energy transition.

KPMG Partner Wafa Jafri stressed the significance of the IGP in expanding the UK's offshore wind sector, identifying strategic growth areas in this vital global industry.

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