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JDR reaches key milestones in £130M subsea cable facility

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 21/11/2023 JDR Cable Systems

JDR Cable Systems, a global subsea cable supplier and part of the TFK Group, has achieved significant milestones in constructing its new £130 million state-of-the-art subsea cable manufacturing facility in Cambois, Northumberland. The facility expansion aims to broaden product offerings for JDR and TFKable, focusing on high-voltage and extended-length land and inter-array cables, catering to diverse industry needs. This positions TFKable's facility as a unique hub capable of comprehensive manufacturing for offshore windfarms' cable requirements.

Supported by the UK government and the Secretary of State as part of the DESNZ Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Support Scheme, the construction progress includes foundation work completion for over 150 building pad foundations and the erection of a substantial portion of the main hall's steel frame. Roofing and cladding works are underway, maintaining a swift construction pace.

The completion of piling for the Vertical Lay-up Machine (VLM) and Continuous Catenary Vulcanisation Towers (CCV) foundations marks a significant achievement. These towers, supported by 250 piles drilled 24m deep to reach bedrock, will house advanced machinery crucial for manufacturing high-voltage subsea cables—a pivotal component for offshore windfarms and subsea energy infrastructure.

The facility will produce high and extra-high voltage cables (132kV and above) enabling larger offshore turbine operation, facilitating increased power transmission ashore. The project, nearing completion of foundational work with over 1700 tonnes of concrete poured, aligns with the escalating demand expected for high-voltage cables in the mid-2020s.

James Young, Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer at JDR Cable Systems, highlighted, "This facility's construction in the UK strengthens our capacity to produce essential high-voltage subsea cables, crucial for meeting the demands of the renewable energy market and achieving our net-zero emissions target by 2050."

The construction approach emphasizes environmental considerations by repurposing existing foundations from the former Blyth A&B coal power station, reducing emissions. Additionally, it fosters local employment and supports regional supply chains, boosting the local economy and reinforcing the UK's energy transition.

Young emphasized, "As a UK-based company, contributing to the local economy and supporting regional workforces is paramount as we lead the energy transition in the UK and globally."

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