Locals contracted for wind farm work

Triton Knoll contractor Murphy has appointed three local contractors to work on the innogy wind farm, following a recent local supplier day at Boston College and a drive to engage with nearby suppliers.

They’re the first local appointments for Murphy, which is responsible for design and cable work for the 860MW
Triton Knoll wind farm in Lincolnshire, and where the site team is laying 60km of underground cable to carry out what’s believed to be the largest number of horizontal directional drills ever undertaken on a single UK infrastructure project.

Lincolnshire Drainage Ltd has been brought on board to provide drainage system design. Scarborough Nixon Associates Ltd and TM Links will also be working for Murphy providing ecologists and traffic management over a two year period.

Triton Knoll project director Julian Garnsey said: “We were determined from the outset of this project, that local companies would have visibility of our contracts and the opportunity to bid for them. We firmly believe that local firms can be successful and  in this way, we hope to play a role in the retention of local jobs and skills and to see investment flowing into nearby communities.

“We’re therefore delighted to see the fruits of that commitment coming very much to life through Murphy, and fully expect to see even more local successes both with them and our other contractors, in the near future.”

Murphy senior subcontract buyer Lukasz Olszewski said: “It is fantastic we have been able to engage with local suppliers and we’ve been able to bring people from the area on board. This also means these companies will be approved suppliers for Murphy and so have more opportunities on future projects. We will keep speaking with local suppliers about potential work wherever possible in Lincolnshire”

Triton Knoll is an innogy-owned offshore wind farm, 32km off the east coast. It has a planned installed capacity of 860MW, and capable of supplying the equivalent of over 800,000 UK households with renewable electricity a year.

Onshore construction is due to start this summer, with offshore works beginning in late 2019. First energy generation could be as early as 2021, with the project expected to begin commissioning in the same year.

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