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New York looks at planned transmission, anticipating target increase

4C Offshore | James Bernthal-Hooker
By: James Bernthal-Hooker 11/04/2023 Anbaric

The New York State Senate has introduced The Planned Offshore Wind Transmission Act, legislation S.6218, which aims to prioritise expanding and developing planned offshore wind transmission projects.

The Act assumes that New York will increase its offshore wind goal, which is currently for 9 GW by 2035. When that goal was introduced in 2019, it was nation-leading, although other states including neighbouring New Jersey have now surpassed it.

Under the proposed legislation, New York would see improved planning and coordination to reduce costs and minimize impacts on communities and the environment. It would also see consultations on grid coordination and a cost-benefit analysis and ratepayer impact study.

The Act also calls for procurements for independent transmission systems to integrate the next round of offshore wind projects. The latter would put the state in line with New Jersey, which named its first winner in an independent transmission solicitation under the State Agreement Approach in 2022.

Responding to the legislation’s introduction, Janice Fuller, President, Mid-Atlantic at Anbaric, “applaud[ed] the New York State legislature for recognizing the benefits of planned offshore transmission”.

Fuller stated: “An independent, shared transmission system for New York’s offshore wind projects will minimize seabed cabling and shore crossings, reduce overall costs and impacts on ratepayers, and will strengthen the resiliency of our onshore grid. We urge the passage of this bill into law. As leaders of the planned transmission conversation for years, Anbaric is prepared to provide proven and shovel-ready transmission solutions that will unleash New York’s offshore wind potential, meet the Governor’s goals, and propel the Empire State to lead the United States in offshore wind and planned transmission infrastructure.”

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is currently evaluating submissions to its third offshore wind procurement round. For this first time, this call included requirements for HVDC and “meshed-ready” interconnection solutions.

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