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Norwegian Government plans to boost offshore wind exports

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 01/12/2022 Reggeringen

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry today (1 December 2022) presented an export strategy which aims to bolsters its global market position for offshore wind.

The government aims to increase Norwegian exports other than oil and gas by 50% by 2030, and at the same time cut overall greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55%.  

In order to reach the export target, the government has launched the export reform "The whole of Norway exports", a major initiative where the authorities, business and the policy apparatus join forces to make offensive advances abroad. The investment in offshore wind was proposed by the National Export Council, and will be the first investment in the export reform.    

The export investment in offshore wind is a public-private partnership with contributions from both the state and business. The government is setting aside NOK 50 to 90 million for the investment by the end of 2023, depending on the size of contributions from business.

"Norway will become a world-leading offshore wind player. We have technology and expertise from the maritime industry and the oil and gas industry. At the same time, Norwegian business has a unique ability to adapt. If the industry and the state invest purposefully and quickly, Norwegian players have a solid opportunity to take market positions on the global offshore wind market,"
said Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Christian Vestre.

"The targets for the offshore wind investment are ambitious and come from the business community itself. By 2030, we will take 10 per cent of the global offshore wind market, which entails a turnover of approximately NOK 85 billion. If we succeed this decade, we will succeed in the next fifty. The offshore wind market is growing rapidly, and if we position ourselves well on the global market, the industry can secure jobs and export income for many years to come,"
added Vestre

Norwegian Offshore Wind, the largest offshore wind representative body in Norway, welcomed the decision. It has over 360 member companies from the offshore wind industry which represent both supply chain and developers and have been concerned that the authorities have been too slow in their efforts to investment started both at home and abroad.

"The industry has been waiting for a long time for a more ambitious plan and we are satisfied with today’s announcement. It will be interesting to see how it will be implemented, but the strategy of a more coordinated effort and marketing is good,"
said manager of Norwegian Offshore Wind, Arvid Nesse.

"We have already started working on establishing offshore wind from Norway as a strong international brand."

"We strive to be even better at highlighting the Norwegian advantages. We can already become a major exporter of finished floating offshore wind turbines because of our natural resources and advantages. We already have projects under development here, and it is important that these are supported. Norway can become leading in floating offshore wind, if we coordinate the industry."

"Surveys we have done show that Norway is on top of the list of development of various types of technology in floating offshore wind. Outside Karm√ły, we run a world-leading test center for floating offshore wind, and we are now expanding capacity. We hope that the government, in light of the export strategy today, can support technology development in Norway to an even greater extent."

"But when it comes to floating offshore wind, we can achieve an even higher market share. That’s why the main impact really has to be focused on floating offshore wind,"
added Nesse.


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