Orsted to replace Cable Protection System on WOW04

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A cable protection system (CPS) has failed on an inter-array cable at WOW04 B16, at the Walney Extension offshore wind farm. Ørsted has secured a marine license to replace the faulty CPS.

The new CPS will be installed on top of existing scour protection. The work details include: the vessel will position itself next to failed CPS and divers will make their way via an umbilical to the affected array cable, the existing CPS will be inspected for any loose or recoverable parts, a tripod will be used to lift the cable for the repair works, ~1 m long shells will be added around the cable, diver will return to vessel after completing the repair work.

In its Q1-2021 report, Walney Extension’s developer, Ørsted mentioned a cable protection system issue on array cables, which impacted up to 10 offshore wind farms across the UK and continental Europe. The issue occurs when the CPS moves across the scour, abrading the CPS and in the worst-case scenario causing the cables to fail.

Walney  Extension is a 659 MW offshore wind farm, located in the Irish sea. The project is a shared ownership project between Ørsted, PFA and PKA. Walney Extensions consists 87 turbines, 190 km array cables, and 2 export cables, each 68.3 km long. The wind farm entered full operations in 2018.

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