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Poland's Port Szczecin joins forces to accelerate offshore wind

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 02/02/2024 Esbjerg Havn

In a strategic move to enhance collaboration in the offshore wind sector, Europe's largest offshore wind ports welcome Poland's Port Szczecin as the newest member of the Offshore Wind Port Alliance. The alliance, now comprising seven key ports, aims to optimize offshore wind deployment and contribute to Europe's ambitious renewable energy targets.

Offshore wind farms play a crucial role in the green transition, but limited port capacity poses a challenge to meeting ambitious green agenda targets. The inclusion of Port Szczecin in the alliance addresses this concern, expanding the group's capacity and potential to build wind farms efficiently.

The agreement for Port Szczecin to join the alliance, signed today after close dialogue and negotiations, aligns with a Danish business delegation visit to Poland led by His Majesty King Frederik X.

The Baltic region is experiencing substantial growth in the offshore wind market, with large-scale wind farms emerging in Poland. Poland aims to generate 74 percent of its power from renewables and nuclear sources by 2040.

The collaboration among the seven ports includes ongoing coordination and knowledge sharing to optimize capacity utilization, overcoming challenges related to space constraints. Digital solutions and a forthcoming communication platform will further enhance collaboration, ensuring efficient construction of offshore wind farms.

Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO of Port Esbjerg, speaking on behalf of the Offshore Wind Port Alliance, expressed enthusiasm: "Our goal is to optimize the deployment of offshore wind, and we are very pleased to welcome Port Szczecin as a member of our alliance. Szczecin's forward-looking approach and high ambitions for wind make them a perfect fit."

Krzysztof Urbaś, CEO of Seaports Authority Szczecin-Świnoujście, expressed pride in joining the alliance: "We are becoming a part of the future and believe this alliance can accelerate the promotion of offshore wind throughout Europe."

The Offshore Wind Port Alliance, established a year ago, includes Port Oostende in Belgium, Groningen Seaports/Eemshaven in the Netherlands, Niedersachsen Ports/Cuxhaven in Germany, Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port in France, Humber in the UK, and Port Esbjerg in Denmark.

The alliance's efforts align with Europe's goals to establish 120 GW offshore renewable energy by 2030 and 300 GW by 2050. The collaboration is a proactive response to the geopolitical situation in Europe and the urgent need to install more turbines for enhanced energy security.

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