Port of Esbjerg takes decarbonisation steps

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The Port of Esbjerg in Denmark is taking steps to become a climate-neutral port. The large multi-use port, which has been used in oil & gas and offshore wind construction, has teamed up with technology company Honeywell in an arrangement involving day-to-day management of carbon emissions and measures towards electrification and digitalization, as well as monitoring energy consumption and emissions.

The port’s CEO Dennis Jul Pedersen described carbon emissions as “quite substantial” and said: “we intend to do something about that”.

To assist the port, Honeywill will develop a comprehensive system for resource monitoring and management, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. The company describes this as “a global first for ports anywhere in the world.” The system will enable the port to track and manage energy consumption in real time, remotely. It is possible that the same can be done for energy produced by solar panels and battery-charging infrastructure yet to be installed.

“The solution we’ll be developing together with Port Esbjerg is absolutely unique in terms of its scope”, said Lana Sukhodolska, Head of Sales and Business Development at Honeywell. “Other ports may have energy efficiency solutions for their buildings, but no one has ever done what we’ll be doing at the port of Esbjerg. We’ll include everything from vessels, infrastructure and maybe also various companies operating at the port”.

Pederson remarked: “For us as a port, the new system will mean that not only can we lower our carbon footprint and we can do it faster, we’ll also be able to do it in a way that makes sound business sense. If it meant we’d incur higher costs, it would be to the detriment of our customers at the end of the day, and that wouldn’t be fair. This way, we’re making the port more attractive by facilitating the green transition while also staying open for business.”

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