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Port of Middlesbrough signs 10-year deal with Italian offshore wind leader Prysmian

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 20/05/2024 Port of Middlesbrough

Port of Middlesbrough has solidified a decade-long partnership with Prysmian, a leading Italian offshore cable manufacturer. This new agreement marks a significant expansion for Prysmian, which has used the port for the past 10 years and now plans to enhance its operations further.

Prysmian, renowned for its subsea and offshore wind cables, has transformed its presence at the port from minimal storage to establishing it as the northern European marine base. The deal includes additional warehousing and office space to support Prysmian’s growth, bringing new jobs and boosting the region’s offshore wind sector.

Charlie Nettle, AV Dawson's group managing director, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its positive impact on Teesside and Northeast England's renewable energy industry. He emphasised the port’s role in advancing the journey to net-zero.

To accommodate Prysmian’s expanding operations, AV Dawson has invested in port and quayside facilities, preparing for the arrival of vessels like the Leonardo Da Vinci, the world's largest cable-laying ship. This investment included widening berth pockets and planning for future shore power installations.

Peter Watson, overseeing Prysmian’s marine base, praised the strategic location and state-of-the-art facilities at Port of Middlesbrough, emphasising the strong working relationship between the two companies.

This long-term commitment not only reinforces Prysmian’s dedication to the port but also promises exciting future developments for the region.

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