PowerStack more efficient than thought

Siemens has finished all wind tunnel simulation tasks and the resulting data has provided the final Power Curves for the PowerStack Wind Turbine. The final results are approximately 2.4% higher than the original power curve.

Thunderbird Power, the company behind the development of the PowerStack turbine, state that the power stack is able to produce power from winds as low as 5mph and that there is no reason to restrict output to avoid failure in high winds. This gives the PowerStack a large range of operations.

The company also states that the turbine requires less maintenance than conventional turbines, and that it consists of 1000 parts, which is around 8000 parts less than other turbines.

The tasks that Siemens has performed are considered comparable to physical wind tunnel testing. The graph represents the final Power Curve (green) plotted against the original projections (orange) of Richard Sutz and Dr. Peter Jenkins.

Thunderbird CEO Rick Hinds stated: "We are elated that the data not only confirms but exceeds the already unequaled performance projections of the PowerStack. This marks the successful end of a crucially important stage and moves the Company a significant step closer to a commercial product."

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