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RVO celebrates completion of 2023 Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 26/02/2024 Offshore Wind RVO

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) announces the successful completion of the Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap 2023 with the commissioning of the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm in the Dutch North Sea. The milestone marks the timely achievement of the 2023 ambitions within budget and nearly subsidy-free, solidifying the Netherlands' position with over 4.5 GW of operational offshore wind energy.

Coordinated by RVO, the Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap 2023 involved site studies and the tender process for the allocation of permits for Dutch offshore wind farm zones. The comprehensive collection of site data, ancillary studies, event documentation, and additional information is available on the RVO website for companies preparing bids for permit tenders.

Hollandse Kust Noord Wind Farm Highlights

- Completion Date: January 25, 2024
- Installed Capacity: 759 megawatts (MW)
- Annual Generation: At least 3.3 terawatt hours (TWh)
- Significance: Provides approximately 2.8% of current electricity needs in the Netherlands, equivalent to the energy consumption of about a million households.

The Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm, a venture by CrossWind (a joint venture between Shell and Eneco), received the permit to build and operate on July 30, 2020. Construction commenced on October 17, 2022, and with the successful completion of all work, the wind farm is officially ready for use.

RVO's Ongoing Role

RVO, through offshore site studies since 2015, played a crucial role in simplifying the construction of wind farms. Coordinating wind, water, and soil condition studies, RVO provided developers with essential information for designing and planning offshore wind farms. Additionally, RVO manages the tender process, assessing permit applications, and assisting in crafting regulations.

Looking Ahead

The opening of Hollandse Kust Noord marks the final step in completing the Offshore Wind Energy Roadmap 2023, which included the Borssele and Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farms. These farms, in operation since 2020 and 2023, contribute approximately 16% of the current electricity needs in the Netherlands. RVO now sets sights on the 2030/2031 Roadmap, aiming for 21 GW of installed offshore wind, catering to 75% of current Dutch electricity demand.

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