Sandbank fully commissioned

4C Offshore | Tom Duit
By: 27/01/2017 vattenfall
On 25 January, the offshore wind farm Sandbank was fully connected to the grid. The project was completed three months ahead of the originally planned time schedule. Sandbank is located 90 kilometers west of the island of Silt and started to produce electricity already in September last year.

Gunnar Groebler, Head of Vattenfall Wind said:
"We delivered Sandbank three and a half months prior to schedule and well within budget. This is a great success and a proof point that we clearly delivered on our promises made in August 2014. Furthermore it demonstrates our ability for continuous improvement even whilst constructing our projects. A big thank you to all our people in Vattenfall and to our suppliers. It has been a team effort and is a joint success."

After the DanTysk offshore wind power plant (in operation since 2015), Sandbank is the second infrastructure project that Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) have now realized together. This will give them a combined portfolio of 576 megawatt (MW) of installed capacity, making Vattenfall and SWM some of the largest producers of green electricity in the German Bight.

The first Sandbank wind turbine was installed end of July 2016 and the wind farm started to produce electricity already in September. The park will generate in continuous operation an annual amount of electricity which corresponds to the consumption of 400,000 German households. Compared to electricity produced from conventional sources in Germany, Sandbank produces 700,000 tons less CO2 emissions annually.

Various factors have accelerated the installation of the Sandbank wind turbines. All involved companies entered the installation phase in a well and intensely prepared manner which resulted in a very good co-operation. The installation vessel performed well with the effect that, under good weather conditions, the team was able to install one wind turbine per day.