ScotWind Clearing process opens

4C Offshore | Bridget Randall-Smith
By: 27/04/2022 4C

The clearing process has opened as part of the ScotWind Leasing round, which saw 17 projects secure an option agreement.

Clearing allows applicants who met the required standards during the initial round, but who were unsuccessful in securing their chosen location, to revise their application for an available alternative location. Clearing is not an opportunity for new market entrants, and it is open only to those applicants who have already had an application evaluated.

The only Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind site available for Clearing is NE1, located off the coast of Shetland. The site covers 751 km2.

The deadline for eligible applicants to confirm if they intend to apply for Clearing applications is 10 May 2022. Once these confirmations have been received, applicants will then be invited to make their submission. If successful, the resulting option agreements will be signed later in 2022. 

4C Offshore Subscribers can watch our detailed analysis of the ScotWind results in our focused Webinar from February 2022. The slides and recording are available on the 4C Offshore Subscriber Dashboard.