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Seaqualize's triumphant turbine transfer

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 15/11/2023 Seaqualize

Seaqualize, the Dutch heave compensation specialist, has achieved a groundbreaking feat by executing the world's inaugural offshore transfer lifts of wind turbine components in the open Atlantic Ocean. This significant accomplishment marks a pivotal moment in offshore wind farm installations, setting a new standard for safety and efficiency.

The unprecedented success involved the deployment of Seaqualize's innovative offshore lifting device, the Heave Chief 1100, in collaboration with DEME Offshore US and a consortium of partners including Barge Master, Foss Maritime, and GE Renewables. Together, they facilitated the transportation and installation of the initial turbine components for the Vineyard Wind project, the USA's premier commercial-scale wind farm installation.

Seaqualize's role in executing fast lifts from the barge to the installation vessel, compensating for heave motions, signifies a pioneering advancement. Never before have such intricate yet substantial lifts been accomplished with full active heave control, ensuring safe operations in challenging offshore conditions. This successful demonstration paves the way for repeated executions, enabling year-round turbine installations, even in adverse weather scenarios.

The Heave Chief 1100 by Seaqualize, capable of balancing and swiftly lifting up to 1100 metric tons, addresses the critical need for stable operations during the installation of 15MW-generation turbine components. Its performance in compensating for heave motions up to 3.5 meters while maintaining rapid lifting speeds of over 70 centimeters per second has significantly enhanced operational workability.

The Vineyard Wind 1 project, led by Avangrid Inc. and CIP off the coast of Massachusetts, represents a significant leap towards clean energy goals, catering to the energy needs of 400,000 homes while fostering opportunities for American companies to contribute, expand expertise, create jobs, and flourish in this burgeoning market.

Gjalt Lindeboom, Managing Director of Seaqualize, expressed pride in these pioneering achievements and revealed plans for the imminent deployment of the HC750, Seaqualize's next Heave Chief, on another wind farm installation project in the US. The success of the Vineyard Wind project solidifies Balanced Heave Compensation as the benchmark for secure and efficient offshore feeder lifts, ushering in a new era in offshore wind energy installations.

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