Seaway Strashnov on site for Borssele substation installation

By: Sue Allen
In: Vessels
Seaway Strashnov has left foundation work on Triton Knoll to install the substation on Borssele III & IV. Seaway Heavy Lifting was contracted to install the topside and foundation of the Beta substation. Strashnov installed the 2,900 ton jacket foundation in May last year
Seaway Strashnov can lift up to 5,000 tons to a height of 102m above sea level, more than sufficient for the topside  which weighs 3,650.tons. HSM Offshore BV was awarded the EPCI contract for the offshore substation.

Following the work,
Seaway Strashnov will return to Triton Knoll to continue installing the foundations and substation.

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