Siemens to supply Finnish wind farm

Siemens has been awarded a contract to supply ten turbines for the planned Tahkoluoto wind farm located in Pori, Finland. The customer is Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy, a wind power producer owned by eight Finnish utilities, headquartered in Pori.

Construction of the planned world's first ice conditions offshore wind farm will begin this spring with turbine installation scheduled for autumn 2017 and construction costs are estimated at just under EUR 120m.  

windturbine SWT-4.0-130 by Siemens
Siemens will supply, install and commission 10 SWT-4.0-130 turbines each with a rotor diameter of 130m, for the project in the Baltic Sea.

"This order marks a significant milestone for Siemens. The project is not only the first offshore wind farm in Finland, but will also be used by the Finnish government to demonstrate that offshore wind power is a feasible solution for this area,"
said Michael Hannibal, CEO Offshore of the Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division.  

Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm will be located approx. 0.5 to 3 kilometers from shore in water from 8 to 15 meters deep. The wind turbines will be mounted on specially designed, gravity-based steel foundations, prepared by Technip,  in order to withstand heavy ice loading. Substations and the main transformers supplied are to be supplied by ABB Oy.

"Finland conditions are favorable offshore wind point of view: we have a long coastline, a good windiness, shallow waters and a hard seabed, as well as ports and industrial-infrastructure along the coast. Offshore wind to produce energy for about one and a half times higher than for onshore wind,"
says Hyötytuuli Finland Oy's Managing Director Toni Sula Sea.

"Construction costs are at the moment in relation to onshore wind almost twice as high, in particular due to the installation of foundations and sea cables. Tahkoluoto project sought to Finnish conditions cost-effective ways to build offshore wind energy: developing and growing sector is room for new, lower cost level for export products,"
Sula Sea added.

The estimated annual output of the Pori Tahkoluoto wind farm has more than 155 million kilowatt hours, which corresponds to an annual approximately 8 600 electrically heated single-family house electricity consumption.  

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy granted investment aid of EUR 20 million for the 2.3MW project in November 2014 with the objective to open up business opportunities for domestic technological know-how in various industries.

The Pori Tahkoluoto wind farm area is also located near the Pori 1 pilot plant, which has since 2010 provided information on offshore wind power production, durability and maintenance activities of the foundation.