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SOWEC's Strategic Investment Model announces Port of Nigg expansion

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 20/02/2024 Offshore Wind Scotland

The Strategic Investment Model (SIM) Working Group of the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Consortium (SOWEC) unveiled the Port of Nigg West Deepwater Quay Expansion Project as a pivotal initiative in Stage 2 of the SIM, aimed at driving transformative growth in Scotland's offshore wind supply chain.

The SIM, launched on January 24, 2024, is a collaborative effort between offshore wind developers, the Scottish Government, enterprise agencies, and Crown Estate Scotland. The expansion projects selected for Stage 2, including the Port of Nigg West Deepwater Quay, represent a combined potential capital value of £500 million.

The Port of Nigg West Deepwater Quay Expansion, led by Global Energy Nigg Ltd, addresses the escalating demand for larger deep-water facilities in the UK to support the offshore renewables industry. The project will extend the existing West Quay at Nigg, creating a new ultra-deep water berth with a 160m quay at a water depth of 22m Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT).

The expansion includes an expansive laydown and storage area totaling 46,860m2, enhancing the port's capacity for the next generation offshore wind structures and larger installation vessels.

Key Features of the Port of Nigg West Deepwater Quay Expansion:

Ultra-deep water berth with a 160m quay at 22m LAT water depth.
Laydown and storage area totaling 46,860m2 with a ground loading capacity of 50mt/m2.
Additional 420m of quayside, bringing the total to an impressive 1,555m.
Support for both fixed and floating offshore wind structures.

The Port of Nigg has played a crucial role in supporting five major offshore wind projects in Scotland, totaling 2.6GW. This expansion positions the Port of Nigg as one of the UK's deepest ports, reinforcing its significance in both existing fixed-bottom and emerging floating offshore wind projects.

Gillian Morrison, Supply Chain Development Manager at Crown Estate Scotland, and Chair of the SIM Working Group, commented: "Today's details of the projects advancing in the SIM process highlight the significant opportunity for Scotland. We aim to put in place the necessary infrastructure to grow our supply chain and deliver Scotland's offshore wind pipeline."

Iain Sinclair, Executive Director, Global Energy Group, stated: "Being shortlisted to progress to the second stage of the SIM process is welcome confirmation of industry confidence in the Port of Nigg's strategic role in the industrialization of offshore wind."
As part of the wider SIM process, the SIM Working Group will continue assessing and supporting projects to engage with offshore wind initiatives. The collaborative approach aims to secure the necessary backing for projects to move ahead and make Final Investment Decisions.

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