Spanish government approves offshore wind roadmap

In Spain, the Council of Ministers has approved a roadmap for Spanish offshore wind energy development. It did so at the proposal of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Included in the roadmap are 20 lines of action to achieve between 1 GW and 3 GW of floating offshore wind power by 2030, and up to 60 MW of other sea-based energy (e.g. tidal or wave).

There are four main objectives of the roadmap, according to the ministry, which dubs them ‘the four great goals’:
(1) To establish Spain as a European R&D centre of reference for designing/scaling/demonstrating new technologies. (2) To become ‘an international benchmark in industrial capacities’ through value chain throughout the technologies’ lifecycles. (3) To make sustainability a ‘central pillar of the development of renewable energies in the sea’ through Maritime Spatial Management Plans and public and stakeholder engagement. (4) To deploy the facilities, especially wind farms, in a smooth and orderly manner with clear legislation.
The roadmap includes at least €200 million enabled until 2023 for R&D development. Port infrastructure will also be evaluated and between €500 million and €1 billion invested to cover new logistical needs.

The roadmap excludes any information on future auctions for offshore wind. Spain already has a rapidly growing pipeline of floating offshore wind projects, making the 3 GW goal achievable with the right attention to infrastructure.

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