Swire Blue Ocean to install Hollandse Kust Zuid turbines

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Vattenfall has contracted Swire Blue Ocean for the installation of turbines at its Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm project. The signing of the final contract follows six months after Vattenfall announced that it had chosen Swire Blue Ocean for the installation of the Hollandse Kust Zuid 3 & 4 turbines.

The Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm consists of two projects,  
Hollandse Kust Zuid 1&2 and Hollandse Kust Zuid 3 & 4, which Vattenfall secured in separate zero subsidy tenders in March 2018 and July 2019. The project is planned to be fitted with approximately 140 units of Siemens Gamesa’s Direct Drive offshore turbines, which feature the ability to reach a capacity of 11 MW. Once fully operational, Hollandse Kust Zuid will generate enough power to supply up to three million households with green electricity.

Swire Blue Ocean will deploy jack-up installation vessel
Pacific Ospreyto transport and install the various components of the approximately 140 turbines from the pre-assembly site on the Dutch coast. Pacific Osprey will have an upgraded 1,200t crane, with a boom 15m longer than the original, and 4,300m2 deck area. It is expected that Swire Blue Ocean will need approximately one year to complete this campaign, from loading the first turbine parts for transport to installing the last turbine.

“Early and close collaboration with suppliers like Swire Blue Ocean has been a deciding factor in our successful bid to build the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. Today we take another step closer to the actual construction of this exciting project. I look forward to our continued cooperation and am confident this campaign will be delivered safely and efficiently”,
said Catrin Jung, Vattenfall’s acting Head of Business Unit Offshore.

“Vattenfall is a long-term client and we are delighted to continue working with them on the wind turbine installation of the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm”,
said Mikkel Gleerup, CEO of Swire Blue Ocean. “Before, we have worked very closely with Vattenfall to secure the bid with the Dutch authorities and will continue maintaining this successful collaborative approach. We are very excited about this project and look forward to a safe and efficient turbine installation with Pacific Osprey’s upgraded crane capacity. Finally, this contract enables Swire Blue Ocean to step into the next generation of turbines and demonstrates its ability to adapt to the fast evolution of the market.”

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