TenneT reveals 2GW offshore grid plans

by Tom Russell in Converters 13/02/2020 TenneT

TenneT has announced plans to build two 2 GW offshore grid connections in the IJmuiden Ver wind energy area, having entered into a so-called 'innovation partnership' with its suppliers. This requires a new platform design and a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system that allows increased power transfer.

Given the combination of the large distance to the coast and the size of the IJmuiden Ver wind energy area, a 2 GW direct current (HVDC) solution, based on 525 kilovolts, appears to offer most economical  advantages, according to TenneT. It requires only one cable system per 2 GW, limiting the impact on the environment and the surroundings.

TenneT launched the design phase with five HVDC suppliers on the basis of an innovation partnership: ABB Power Grids, GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions  (Netherlands), Consortium Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute Co. Ltd. (GEIRI) & C-EPRI Electric Power Engineering Co. Ltd. (C-EPRI) (China), Siemens (Germany), and Xian Electric Engineering Co., Ltd (China).

These suppliers will develop the 2 GW 525 kV HVDC solution based on criteria set by TenneT. They will provide specific information on this to Iv-Offshore&Energy b.v., which is carrying out the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) study on behalf of TenneT. On this basis, a standardised platform design will be developed for all HVDC solutions.

The information from the joint R&D innovation phase will be used for the final design of the platform. TenneT uses this standardised design for the contracting of several 2 GW grid connections (including IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta). It stated that this contributes to reducing costs for the offshore grid.

IJmuiden Ver will host wind farms with a total capacity of 4 GW. With the new 2 GW connection concept, TenneT wants to make optimal use of the area’s scale. This is in line with the offshore wind industry’s desire for larger wind farms. TenneT is building two grid connections, each of 2 GW, for this purpose: Net op zee IJmuiden Ver Alpha, and Net op zee IJmuiden Beta. Preparations and procedures for these projects began in 2019, and Net op Zee IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Net op Zee IJmuiden Ver Beta are scheduled to go into operation in 2030.

Its two 2GW projects will come in addition to the eight 700 MW alternating current grid connections already planned.

TenneT's operates a total of twelve operating offshore grid connection systems for the transmission of wind energy from the German North Sea to land alone which deliver a total capacity of 7,132 MW. TenneT also announced it has taken over the
BorWin3 grid connection project from general contractors Siemens and Petrofac. The 900 MW project will convert three-phase electric power generated by the  Hohe See and Albatros offshore wind farms into direct current and transmit it 160km back to shore.

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