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Terna unveils digital platform for high-voltage connection requests

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 27/02/2023 Terna
Terna, the Italian transmission system operator, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, has developed a digital platform that centralises all information on high-voltage connection requests from renewable plants in Italy.

Designed by Terna, Econnextion aims to enable stakeholders and electricity sector operators to visualise information on the geographic location and authorisation status of new, onshore and offshore wind and photovoltaic initiatives across Italy. The data available is updated every three months.

“The new Econnextion digital platform, which we have developed using an innovative geopositioning system to locate requests to connect renewable plants to the national transmission grid, represents an important leap forward in the green evolution and will benefit all electricity sector operators. It is an effective tool for identifying trends and pinpointing the areas with the highest density of energy plants and, therefore, can facilitate the coordinated planning needed to develop all of the infrastructure necessary to achieve the ambitious international targets for the decarbonisation of the energy system in a coordinated way,” said Francesco Del Pizzo, Grid Development Strategies and Dispatching Manager at Terna.

“This initiative by Terna is very useful for transparency to effectively and efficiently managing the goals set by the challenges for the energy transition. Ambitious goals, which will provide enormous benefits for the country in terms of the environment, the economy and energy security and independence. It is crucial, however, that these decarbonisation goals are achieved efficiently, with the optimal use of resources. A coordinated development of grids, renewables and storage is therefore essential. The tool made available by Terna will provide useful elements both to institutional stakeholders and to sector operators for better investment planning” stated the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security.


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