Vattenfall submit for Norfolk Vanguard

VattenfallVattenfall has submitted an application for a Development Consent Order for the Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farm to the Planning Inspectorate(PINS). PINS has 28 days from the submission date to review the application and other documents including the Environmental Statement and Consultation Report before deciding whether or not to accept it for examination.

Mindful of the approaching summer holiday period and other applications which may also require the attention of stakeholder, Vattenfall has requested that PINS upload all of the relevant documents associated with the application to the PINS website ahead of acceptance in order to provide interested parties with additional time to review the application documents including the environmental statement.

Following the 28 day review period by PINS, if the application is accepted then Vattenfall say they will write to the stakeholders again to confirm it, and to notify them of the period within which they should register an interest and submit any representation on the project to PINS in order to participate in the examination.

If Vattenfall achieve acceptance, parties who are wish to make representations and be involved in the examination process for the Norfolk Vanguard offshore wind farm should liaise with PINS directly.

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