Wind farm support vessel to the rescue

At around 9.50am today (21 June) the trimaran had started taking on water and the two crew onboard had managed to put out a VHF Radio Mayday broadcast and a 999 call which was picked up by HM Coastguard Holyhead and Belfast.

Not long after making the broadcast was made, the vessel capsized leaving the two crewman to scramble onboard the hull of the sinking vessel.

A Mayday relay broadcast was issued by HM Coastguard Holyhead requesting any vessels in the area to assist. A Wind Farm support vessel, the Fairline Surveyor (which can be seen in the video posted by the officialCoastguard channel),  responded to the broadcast and made its way to the sinking vessel just in time to pluck the two men from the water who were holding onto the bow.

Due to the choppy weather on scene, the two men were winched onboard the Coastguard helicopter and taken to shore.

Steve Thomas, Winchman said: "This was an excellent effort by everyone on scene. The Wind Farm support vessel crew did an incredible job to rescue the two men and make them comfortable as we arrived. They were very professional and also assisted us with the hi-line winch which saved valuable time in getting these two men safely to shore. An impressive job all-round."

HM Coastguard Senior Maritime Operations Officer Robert Bowyer said: "This incident happened so quickly that the casualties on the capsized vessel had only just managed to put out a Mayday broadcast and a 999 call. Thankfully they were wearing their life-jackets and a nearby vessel was able to assist them straight away. We’re delighted that in this situation the crew were rescued safely."

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