Waterford, Belview Quay, Bulk Details

Equipment: 1 x Liebherr 280 harbour mobile crane - 84 tonne lift capacity - 30 m3 grab - 1500 tonnes per hour 1 x Liebherr 250 harbour mobile crane - 50 tonne lift capacity - 20 m3 grab - 800 tonnes per hour 2 x Liebherr 1081 harbour mobile crane -32 tonne lift capacity - 12 m3 grab - 600 tonnes per hour Variety of ancillary handling equipment -Breakbulk load spreaders -Volvo loading shovels -Hoppers -11 m3 cactus grab (for scrap cargoes) 350 tonnes per hour Weighbridges (x2) Fresh Water supply

Port: Waterford
Name: Belview Quay, Bulk
Owner: Port of Waterford
Country: Ireland
Other details about Belview Quay, Bulk at Waterford e.g: 'Business managers, Commercial managers, Cranes and other Facilities' are currently unknown.