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We are excited to announce a significant milestone in 4C Offshore's journey. Our integration into the TGS family marks the beginning of a new era in offshore wind market intelligence.

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Offshore Wind Logistics Intelligence

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A Growing Market

The wind power industry is rapidly expanding as part of the global transition to renewable energy. This has led to an increased demand for wind farm logistics and support services, the complex process that involves a range of activities related to the transportation, installation and maintenance of wind turbines. For example:

  • Crew Transfer (CTVs)
  • In-field accomodation for workers
  • Platform assistance for wind turbine servicing and repair work
  • Technician and personnel transport
  • Maintenance and repair strategies
  • Port usage

With the rising demand for wind energy and the growing number of wind farms being built around the world, wind farm logistics services is a critical component of the industry's supply chain. To ensure the continued growth and success of the wind power industry, it is essential for the CTV and SOV market to provide efficient and reliable services to support the installation and maintenance of wind turbines. Investment in the right vessels at the right time is the key to success.

Imagine what you could do for your organisation with access to complete up-to-date wind logistics intelligence, featuring all the offshore projects across the planet, including detailed information about project milestones, vessels and contracts awarded, along with future demand forecasts.

How we can help

4C Offshore has developed 4C Offshore, a comprehensive suite of reports, databases and online tools.

4C Offshore has developed 4C Offshore, a comprehensive suite of reports, databases and online tools. 4C Offshore allows us to create sector-specific subscriptions to help people gather intelligence to inform decisions, for example our Offshore Wind Logistics subscription. For over ten years, 4C Offshore has led the way to provide organisations like yours, with a competitive edge and identified opportunities. We have also forecasted supply capacity and project demand, enabling users to invest wisely today, in tomorrow’s revenue streams.

Sector subscriptions are fuelled by wide-reaching data and insights to help organisations make informed decisions.

4C Offshore’s Offshore Wind Logistics subscription will help with:

  • Monitor current activity
    • Hourly updates on vessel activity and industry news keeps you constantly informed on the service vessel market supply dynamics.
  • Competitor analysis
    • Do you know what your competitors are actually doing? We can tell you. Regular reports analyse utilisation rates, changes to market shares and other industry trends affecting offshore wind logistical support.
  • Support for investment decisions
    • Our unique service combines our offshore wind market forecast with vessel use on operational wind farms, to forecast future vessel demand.
    • We track vessel capability and the supply of future vessels enabling you to know what is needed and when.

What’s in the Offshore Wind Logistics subscription?

Online/Offline Databases

  • More than 600 vessels from more than 200 operators
  • Filter by name, operator, vessel status, work location and country
  • Past, present and future vessel contract dates and locations
  • Updated hourly
  • Download as MS Excel for offline use


  • Exclusive news straight to your inbox
  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly - you choose!


  • Frequent market reports
  • Breakdown of geographical markets
  • Insights into how CTVs, SOVs and helicopters fit together
  • Download as PDF for offline use

Online Tools

  • Vessel timeline of contracts
  • Graphs and charts - future vessel charters, future build vessels, market share explorers for CTV and SOV days on contract
  • Interactive map, filter by vessel type to see current location

Why choose an Offshore Wind Logistics subscription?

  • One-stop-shop for offshore sector data and insights
  • Reduce waste on time-consuming research
  • Access forecasts
  • Investigate component trends
  • Analyse supply and demand data including existing stakeholders
  • Understand contractors' project experience and market presence
  • Understand specific project timelines and lifecycle
  • Reveal business opportunities
  • Target growth areas
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