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Offshore Wind Turbine Intelligence

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Access the ForeSEE WebApp, the powerful intelligence tool fuelled by offshore global wind market data and insights.

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A Growing Market

The offshore wind turbine sector has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by increasing demand for renewable energy sources and advancements in technology. According to a report by the Global Wind Energy Council, the sector generated over £24 billion in annual revenue in 2020, with over 35 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity installed globally.

Predictions for the sector are optimistic, with experts forecasting continued growth in offshore wind capacity and revenue in the years ahead. This is driven by factors such as declining costs, improved technology, and increasing demand for clean energy sources to combat climate change. As governments around the world commit to ambitious renewable energy targets, the offshore wind turbine sector is likely to play a key role in meeting these goals.

Imagine what you could do for your organisation with access to complete up-to-date intelligence, featuring all the offshore wind turbine projects across the planet, including detailed information about the different turbines, foundations, project milestones and contracts awarded.

How we can help

4C Offshore has developed ForeSEE, a comprehensive suite of reports, databases and online tools.

ForeSEE allows us to create sector-specific subscriptions to help people gather intelligence to inform decisions, for example out Offshore Wind Farm Intelligence subscription. Sector subscriptions are fuelled by wide-reaching data and insights to help organisations make informed decisions.

4C Offshore’s Offshore Wind Turbines subscription will help with:

  • Competitor analysis
    • Use data from competitors to identify opportunities, benchmark performance and develop marketing strategies.
  • Industry analysis
    • Industry data and insights such as market size, growth potential and customer trends can be used to guide business decisions from future direction to investments.
  • Turbine availability
    • allows you to locate which turbine models are available commercially or models that will be entering the market.
  • Turbine installation pipeline
    • forecast how much turbines are due to be installed per country per year.

What’s in the Offshore Wind Turbines subscription?

Online/Offline Databases

  • Contains all offshore wind turbine models
  • Detailing technology data, in-depth specification
  • Planning and installation timelines
  • Information on where different models are/will be used including the manufacturer
  • Updated hourly
  • Download as MS Excel for offline use

Online Tools

  • Graphs and charts - market share explorers for turbine counts with total capacity
  • Future turbine installations.


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  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly - you choose!

Why choose an Offshore Wind Turbines subscription?

  • One-stop-shop for offshore sector data and insights
  • Reduce waste on time-consuming research
  • Access forecasts
  • Investigate component trends
  • Analyse supply and demand data including existing stakeholders
  • Understand contractors' project experience and market presence
  • Understand specific project timelines and lifecycle
  • Reveal business opportunities
  • Target growth areas
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