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Are you aware that the size of some of the proposed newer wind turbines currently have no vessel anywhere capable of installing them?

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Our clients include Heavy Engineering firms, Insurers, Turbine manufacturers, Banking and investment companies, blade manufacturers, Logistic specialists, Installers, Utility companies and research organisations.

What do you get?

Turbine Intelligence – through the ForeSEE dashboard. This is an easy to use system letting you select, filter, visualise and analyse the information that’s most Important to you in a few of clicks or taps.

Spreadsheet database – Download the Turbine database which enables you to filter the data to identify current turbine models of interest, review the specifications and much more with the ability to filter the contents on every column. Compare key specifications such as gearbox, nacelle weight and blade weight for example. But to be fully up to date, we now provide an online version that is updated as we update the database, allowing you to interact through the ForeSEE dashboard.

Map - Zoom in on the wind farms to identify the turbines and their locations. See construction vessels in the area.

Interactive graphs – The ForeSEE dashboard now allows an innovative new feature whereby you can interact with graphs and by selecting graph elements see a detailed breakdown of what that element represents.
You can get a global view of who has produced what, where down to the exact project and location. See who is supplying the turbines, their market share - globally, by region and by country.
See who is installing the turbines and their market share, as well as Identify which foundations are being used.

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