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4C is now TGS

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in 4C Offshore's journey. Our integration into the TGS family marks the beginning of a new era in offshore wind market intelligence.

Learn what this means for you!

Exploring 4C Offshore map layers

4C Offshore’s Global Offshore Wind Farm map shows all the offshore wind farms in the world as well as other assets including vessels active in the market. The map has information layers but the initial view only shows the wind farms. You will need to activate the other layers.

To do this, first open the
map on the website, then click on the 'eye' icon in the top right hand corner.

This will open a drop down menu of all the elements including vessels and their  different categories, wind farm infrastructure, and interconnectors.
You can select and deselect as required activating the map layers.

The example below shows the different vessel categories.

The map now shows the activated layer.

In this example, the small triangles represent the vessels working in the market. The data is 'live' although there is about a 15 minute delay. For further details about the vessel, you can click each vessel on the map.

As you zoom in on the map, more details, including turbine locations, array and export cables and substations, will be seen. Clicking on some elements will activate a dialogue box with more details.

If you need help with this function or any other aspects of the 4C Offshore website, please call the team on +44 1502 307037 or email