Vessel tracking on 4C Offshore Maps

4C Offshore’s online map not only shows all the offshore wind farms in the world, but also the vessels which are active in the market.

The Global Offshore Wind Farm map consists of a number of layers of information and the view you see when you first visit the page does not initially show the vessels. This layer has to be manually activated.

To do this, first open the map page on the website: and you will see the view below. You need to then click on the small icon which looks like a jack-up vessel in the top right hand corner.

You will then see the view below:

All the small triangles represent the vessels working in the market. The data is "live" although there is about a 15 minute delay. For further details about what the vessel is doing and the work it has done in the past, you can click each vessel on the map. We recommend that you zoom in first as it makes it easier to click on the small shapes!

If you need help with this function or any other aspects of the 4C Offshore website, please call the team on +44 1502 307037 or email

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