DolWin5 Converter

Dolwin5 has a transmission capacity of 900 MW using HVDC. From the HVDC DolWin epsilon HVDC converter a 100 km long sea cable leads south passing the island of Borkum on the West towards its landfall in Hamswehrum which is situated at the estuary of the Ems. From Hamswehrum a 30 km long land cable leads to the converter station in Emden where it meets the onshore grid. Connects to: Borkum Riffgrund 3 (240MW OWP West, 420MW Borkum W I, 240MW Borkum W II) Wind farms will be connected via 66kV three-phase cables, eliminating the need for substations within wind farms and the 155kV cable from substation to the platform. The direct connection will save ~ EUR 200 million in macroeconomic terms.
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DolWin5 Converter


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