North Sea Wind Power Hub Converter

An artificial Island that will allow between 70-100GW of electricity to be transported to multiple countries. The project is being investigated by Dutch, Danish and German transmission system operators and energy infrastructure company Gasunie. The whole system may function as a hub for transport of wind energy and as an interconnection hub to the connected countries, but also as a working hub for offshore wind developers (so called O&M activities) and a location for possible Power to Gas solutions. To work as an O&M base, the artificial island has to be extended with facilities such as a harbour, storage, accommodation, runway, etc. To support power conversion and storage and thus to increase the flexibility of the grid, Power to Gas (i.e. creating e.g. hydrogen from wind energy on site) is a solution considered by the project. It can provide balancing capacity as well as long term storage options and provides the possibility of energy transport to shore in the form of electricity, gas, or both. At this stage no decision has been taken on any project location or configuration for a possible hub and spoke project. This regards the location and capacity of the hub and adjacent offshore wind farms (OWFs), the number of hubs to be envisaged, as well as the technology and timetable for realisation. The idea considers a planning horizon towards 2050 and includes the possibility of multiple hubs. In order to have a manageable scope for the necessary studies’ work, pre-selected areas include Dogger Bank in the Dutch and Danish EEZ.
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North Sea Wind Power Hub Converter


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