BorWin 1 Transmission

The BorWin 1 Transmission is owned by: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (三菱重工業株式会社), TenneT TSO B.V. Below you will find a quick overview of the complete transmisison system and it's assets

Segment Overview

Below you will find a breakdown of the various segments of this transmission system and it's assets

Borwin 1 - BARD Offshore 1
Transmission Cable(s)NOR-6-1 (BorWin1) Alpha to UW Diele
Converter(s)BorWin1 Converter
Export Cable(s)BARD Offshore 1 - Export Cable
Substation(s)BARD 1 Substation
Project(s)BARD Offshore 1


Name BARD Offshore 1
Status Fully Commissioned
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image of BARD 1 Substation

BARD 1 Substation


Export Cable

BARD Offshore 1 - Export Cable


image of BorWin1 Converter

BorWin1 Converter

Transmission Cable

NOR-6-1 (BorWin1) Alpha to UW Diele

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