Offshore Wind farms in Australia

Australia has 2 offshore wind farm projects of which none currently operating, none where construction has progressed enough to connect the turbines and generate electricity, none are in the build phase, and none are either consented or have applied for consent. You can access over 80 data sets on each wind farm subject to your access level and drill down to see items such as:

on project 'Star of the South' on Wednesday, 08 July 2020, the following was announced: 'A passive acoustic monitoring programme for vocalising marine mammals will take place in 2020. The schedule is as follows:

10th-11th February: deployment of loggers
8th-11th July - maintenance of loggers
14th-17th December - recovery of loggers.

Vessel(s) TBC.'

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Project Name Owner Project Status Actions

Global Renewable Solutions(formerly Marine Power Technologies Pty Ltd)

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Offshore Energy Pty Ltd,Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

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