FOWIND presents offshore wind roadmap for India

4C OffshoreThe FOWIND consortium has launched a new report: “From Zero To Five GW: Offshore Wind Outlook for Gujarat and Tamil Nadu (2018-2032)“ which outlines a roadmap for the offshore wind sector in India.

The report follows an announcement from Indian Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh that the Indian Government plans to auction 5GW offshore wind power next year. The auctions form part the countries ambition to surpass its target of having 175 GW renewable energy capacity by 2022, taking it to 200 GW. This target includes 60 GW from wind energy.

The FOWIND study presents an outlook for the amount of new offshore wind capacity that can be reliably incorporated into the two state grids, including the regional transmission and distributions networks over the next three five year plan periods, starting in 2018. The work done under this report is based on today’s policies and market and technology trends.
“While there are still many challenges ahead, we believe that a sustainable offshore wind industry in India is likely to come sooner rather than later, providing much needed clean, competitively priced power to fuel India’s growth, creating jobs and whole new industries," said Steve Sawyer, GWEC Secretary General. 

India has the world’s 4th largest onshore wind market with a total installed capacity of close to 33 GW. However, India does have an acute need for large-scale, clean and indigenous energy generation to fuel its rapidly growing economy. Offshore wind power could play a very important role in India due to the large wind resources available near centers of high-energy demand, according to FOWIND.

“To ensure offshore wind becomes a success also in India it is required that realistic targets are set. I hope our new FOWIND report is helpful in that matter and enables reliable planning but also motivates further build out of infrastructure to allow the integration of even more offshore wind energy," said Mathias Steck, Executive Vice President & Regional Manager Asia Pacific, DNV GL – Energy. 

FOWIND has developed a preliminary roadmap for initiating a sustainable and commercially viable offshore wind industry, focusing on two coastal states out of a total of eight coastal states and the Union Territory of Goa. Further investigations could deliver a more detailed pan-India outlook for offshore wind developments over the longer term. 

The upcoming offshore wind feasibility assessments by FOWIND, would further add to the knowledge of businesses and government institutions as to what is required for developing a successful offshore wind industry.

“This study is first coordinated step in this direction, which will prove an important milestone for the future. Offshore wind will not only open the area of sustainable energy for India but will also provide a major boost for creation of local employment,” said Balram Mehta, President (Wind & Asset Management) at ReNew Power.

GWEC-led consortium aims to facilitate the take up of offshore wind in India through identification of potential zones for development through techno-commercial analysis and preliminary resource assessment. It will also establish a platform for structural collaboration and knowledge sharing between stakeholders from European Union and India, on offshore wind technology, policy, regulation, industry and human resource development.

The consortium partners include the Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), DNV GL, the Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL), the World Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE) and National Institute of Wind Energy. 

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